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LaBrake 01.23.18

Rest day today to take care of grocery shopping and laundry.

I am currently in the “base” phase of the Smolov (but for deadlifting) program. Unfortunately I got Monday’s rep scheme mixed up and did 9 sets of 4 instead of 4 sets of 9. But I am sure I can bounce back tomorrow and hit the 5 sets of 7.

I weighted 211 this AM, a new low since focusing more on diet and mixing in swimming. My gym muscles are so inefficient at swimming I burn all the calories.

Rowing is going to take a bit of a back seat the next 4 weeks while I am in this base phase of more intense deadlifting. I will also likely be taking rest days on Tuesdays and Thursdays to fully recover from the deadlift since I am in a caloric deficit.

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