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Shinn Workout 01.22.18 & 01.23.18

I have not been very good about recovering post workout and I paid for it in yesterdays workout. Everything felt like garbage. So I will be spending more time stretching and recovering post workout. Also kinda tweaked my knee so I used today as an active recovery and will be back on schedule tomorrow

Week 3 Day 1

Core Lifts

Hip Snatch- work to 3RM, then -5% & -10% for 3, worked to 125lb, drop sets at 115lb and 105lb

Back Squat- work to 3RM, then -20% for 2 x 5, worked to 310lb, drop sets at 250lb

Snatch Pull- 3 x 3 work up to something heavy, sets went 200lb, 225lb, 240lb



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