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Wickes workout 1/23/18

Diet is going well, started around 200 pounds and I’ve made my way down to 195 in 2 weeks. None of my training weights have decreased and I’ve made some strength gains in a few lifts during this time so I think I’m losing fat and not muscle mass, although I doubt I’ll actually put on size due to restricted diet. The main goal is to lose fat without losing muscle I already have. I’m eating roughly 1g of protein per 1lb of body weight with high healthy fat intake and low carb intake. Seems to be working.

DB bench

4×10 @ 75
4×4 as heavy as possible @ 85
Superset first 4×10 with 10 pull-ups between each set

Bent over t-bar rows superset DB rows

Bent rows @ 125, DB rows @ 90
8×6 each

Incline bench, tempo on the negative portion of the lift. Take 3 seconds to go down, tap chest and explode up.
3×5 @ 135
3×4 @ 145
3×3 @ 155
3×2 @ 165
Superset first 4 sets with seated DB shrugs, 2 second hold at the top of the lift x12 @ 65

Cable flyes superset with cable face pulls



10 200m sprint with 1:00 rest between each 200m. Fuck rowing

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