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Burger Workout 01.24.18

The Birthday workout

Its an off day, no lifting. So I’m going to Row and Do arms

Roll out/Stretch


Warm up 10 Minutes

All Rowing is to be Done as fast as possible

1000m Row 

20 Push ups

750m Row 

30 Push ups

500m Row

40 Push ups

250m Row 

50 Push ups



Curls – 4 x 21s

Hammer curls – 4 x 10

Another Biceps bullshit

Tricep Pull downs – 4 x 12

Behind the head Extensions – 4 x 10

Another Tricep Bullshit.





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just a dude trying to get strong.


  1. inoscopedjfk

    An arm pump on your Birthday is one of the most prestigious and sacred endowments that The Lord of Iron can provide to his willing disciples. Blessed are those following the Whey.


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