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Shinn Workout 01.24.18

Much better workout than yesterday. Changed and added some exercises to better fit what I want to get better at.

Week 3 Day 2

Warm Up

Clam Shells- 3 x 15ea

DB Sots Press- 3 x 6ea

Muscle Snatch w/ empty bar- 3 x 6

Core Lifts

Snatch Grip Push Press from behind the neck- work to 3RM, then -5% & -10% for 3, worked to 195lb, drop sets at 185lb and 175lb

Snatch Balance- 5 x 3 stay light, did all my sets at 115lb focusing on perfect technique

Accessory Lifts

KB Front Rack Step Up- 3 x 6ea

SA Overhead Squat- 3 x 6ea

Bulgarian Split Squat- 3 x 6ea

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