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Weisheit Workout 1-24-18

Coming to you from the Bayou…Gonzales, Louisiana. This town is built on Oil and gas and chem production.

Workout was pretty simple. Just wanted to de stress for a half hour or so.

  • 10 minutes walking on the tread
  • 10 dumbbell press with 50s
  • 10 goblet squats with a 50
  • Repeated the dumbbell sets
  • 10 minutes on the tread
  • 10 shoulder presses with the 50s
  • 5 lunges each leg holding the 50s
  • Repeated dumbbell sets
  • 10 more minutes on the tread

Diet has been steady. I’ve been avoiding fried foods. Opting for that grilled or baked option. Drinking a lot of water as well. Haven’t weighed in in a few days though.

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