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LaBrake 01.25.18

Completely failed last nights weights session. I assume it was due to lack of calories I had eaten during the day after a difficult AM swim. Therefore I will be doing the work out again, hopefully better fueled so it doesn’t feel like I am lifting the world. I made it through 5 sets but only could manage 7 reps, 6 reps on the middle then 4 on the last set. Then just left, did not even attempt the row.

I am super happy where this little project has gone over the past few weeks. I think that our contributors do a great job and are committed to their fitness and tracking it in this setting. I hope to add a few more contributors over the next month, as well as develop a logo and get some shirts printed. One Love.

There is a chance work is going to get crazy here in the next week so I may have to chill on the swimming, besides from weightless, a 400 LB dead lift is the goal.

Stretch and Roll

Indian Clubs

KB warm up + some pull ups + some presses

Work up to 130 kg Dead lift Then

5 sets of 7 reps @ 130 kg

Brief Pause

5000m row Odd 1000s @ 1:50 Pace, evens @ 1:55 pace

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