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Shinn Workout 01.25.18

Had another solid lifting session today. Feeling a lot better than I did at the beginning of the week. Today was the last heavy lifting session of the week. The rest of the week will be devoted to working with sub-maximal weight (under 85% of 1RM). For accessories I keep the weight between 30 – 40% of my bodyweight depending on feel. Bodyweight is sitting around 185ish.

Week 3 Day 3

Warm Up

Overhead Squats- 3 x 10

Band Clam Shells- 3 x 12ea

Contralateral Bridge- 3 x 12ea

Core Lifts 

Power Clean- work to 3RM, then -5% & -10% for 3, worked to 245lb, drop sets at 235lb and 220lb

Back Squat- work to 5RM, then -20% for 2 x 5, worked to 300lb, drop sets at 240lb

Clean Pull- 3 x 3, sets were at 310lb, 330lb, 350lb


KB Front Rack Reverse Lunge- 3 x 6ea

KB Suitcase Carry- 3 x 50yds

KB Clean & Jerk- 3 x 4ea

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