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LaBrake Workout 01.27.18

recap of Saturdays gym session

was early in the morning and I was feeling v stiff.

roll and stretch

OH press, work up to 155 and do several singles THEN

back squat work up to 265 by sets of 5 then 3 after it started to get heavy

then i dropped down to 225 and did 5 then dropped to 135 and did 10

Really had no rhyme or reason just wanted to do some squatting since I had been doing so much lower body pull lately

Then I did that 5000 row that I had programmed a while ago but never did with the alternating pace by 1000, it was quite difficult. I had a guy who was fairly competent on the rower next to me and he was pushing me so that helped.

Then I hopped in the pool and swam a little over 1000 yards just stretching out and feeling good.

I successfully had a 0 dollar weekend, and ate reasonably healthy. One Love

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