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Burger Workout 01.27.18

Joined Metro Flex, A power lifting/Strong man gym. Now’s my time to make my move.

Decided to go and do Power Cleans Drills and Clean and jerks, my legs bled everywhere.

Light weight Power Clean Drills

Firs time doing Power Clean in a long time.

4 x 5 reps at 135 to 185

Clean and Jerk – Wanted to fuck around and see how I could do. Probably looked like a fool in front of everyone at the gym.

x 3 – 185

x 3 – 195

x 2 – 205

x 2 – 215

x 2 – 225

x 1 – 235

x 1 – 245

x 1 – 255 (Failed)

Super Set 

4 rounds

x 6 Broad Jump

x 10 DB Squat jumps

Heavy Farmer Carries.

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