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Burger Workout 01.31.18

Its a rest day in my program. Just stretching and rolling out

Yesterday, I got 385 for 1 rep. Didn’t feel like going any more, my body is pretty beat up.

What I’ve notice is that with doing these 4 major lifts. My accessories seem to be lacking when it comes to my work ethic. I’m just not sore from them. I need to feel sore in order to know that I’m getting all I can out of the gym sessions. I’m only in the gym for about an hour a day.



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just a dude trying to get strong.


  1. this seems counter intuitive, your body is feeling beat up yet you want to be sore from accessory work?

    Now I am no expert, but its called accessory for a reason. You want to focus your energy on your big lifts and your accessory work is there to just strengthen and polish your other muscles. No matter what you will get stronger if you continue to practice at it, just maybe not at the same rate as the focus of the 531 program.

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  2. Skyler

    Maybe try changing up your accessory exercises. Find something that works the same muscle groups/movement but in a different way. You could also incorporate pauses and tempos into your accessories.


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