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Davlantis workout 2/4/18

“O sinners, let’s go down/ Let’s go down, come on down/ O sinners, let’s go down/ Down in the river to pray

– Alison Krauss

Today I repent for the deeds of this weekend including celebrating the holy matrimony of a dear friend and Mardi Gras, Galveston-style.

Body weight: 205.5 (see above)

Dynamic warmup, mobility work, static stretches

Squat Work:

3 x 10 back squat @ 135, 165, 185lb

5 x 5 back squat @ 225, 245, 265, 275, 285lb (hecking struggled for the last set)

Accessory work:

3 x 10 Arnold press @ 35lb

3 x 8 hamstring curl @ the world may never knows on this machine

3 x 12 ea lateral/front DB raises @ 20lb

3 x 8 leg extension @ wherever the pin feels like going

3 x barbell front row @ 70lb

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