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LaBrake 02.05.18

On Friday night I hit a 375 DL single which felt medium. Tied my PR that i made up in my head so that’s great. I am progressing nicely to the 400 lb mark. After hitting that I did a 500m row all out and hit a 1:26.6. A best for me and really the first time I have done that distance all out. I would like to be around a 1:24 or lower but my rowing is going to continue to focus on the 2000m distance.

On Saturday I woke up and hit the pool and swam a 3K. It was all aerobic and felt just okay. I struggled more than I would have liked to based on the intervals.

Didnt swim this AM, super bowl problems (cheered for the eagles, yay).

PM weights

Stretch, roll, stretch, hang, pull ups, indian clubs (shoulder feels better)

KB warm up complex

work up to 145kg deadlift

then 10 x 3 x 145 kg

Brief pause

10 TGUs each arm @ 24 kg

Brief pause

2 x 2000m row stroke rate cap of 18

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