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Wickes workout 2/5

Been bad about posting, had a busy week. Still on the grind tho, strength gains have somewhat stalled because of restricted diet but I’m losing fat so I guess it’s a win. Chest/back day today. First time actually barbell benching in 4 years. Plate pinch exercise in block 3 is done by laying on a bench or the ground, grabbing a plate and pinching it between your hands and pressing it up and down touching the chest with each rep focusing on squeezing the pecs during the entire duration of the lift. I like it because the time under tension is insane so you get a good chest pump without having to lift big weight because you’re squeezing your hands together on the plate the entire time. 3 count down, touch, 1 count back to the top.

Warmup- shoulder mobility exercises

Superset Bench/wide grip chin ups:





Wide grip chins



Superset incline BB bench/incline bench DB rows:

Incline Bench





Superset bent over BB rows/plate pinch

BB rows


Plate pinch

4×12 with 35 pound plate


Superset cable flyes/reverse cable flyes

Forward cable flyes


Reverse cable flyes


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