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Wickes workout 2/26

Chest/Back day. Was gonna follow Arnold’s blueprint to cut but recently I’ve been doing my own thing and I think it’s working for me. Will probably continue doing my own stuff for 2 more weeks then deload for a week and start an actual cut program with high rep low weight stuff for that #Summer2k18 bod. Super pumped about DB bench today because it’s a rep PR. Been trying to play with the 85’s for a while now.


Bent over BB row

Close grip lat pulldown (no weight values because who tf knows with machines)
1X10 warmup

4×8 heavy

DB bench
10x 4@85

Trap superset: behind the back shrug w/4sec count at the top/front shrugs w/45 pound plate each hand, slow tempo

Superset: Incline bench/band pull apart

Plate pinch press

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