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Wickes Workout 2/3

My dumb ass forgot that the gym closes at 8 on saturdays so I only got through some of the front squats I was planning on and none of the rest of it. Remember your gym hours bois. It seems trivial but I’ve been really focusing on keeping my shoulders back and down and my spine in a neutral position whenever possible both during lifting and throughout the day and holy shit what a difference it’s made in my overall shoulder health and stability as well as the decrease in pain associated with pressing movements. I can actually feel my shoulders and T-spine have adjusted and move in a more natural pattern and I’ve noticed that I have a way better range of motion in my shoulders. I think it’s a combination of the mobility and stability exercises I do regularly but it’s also from focusing on being in a good posture whenever possible. The great Jordan Stanley always said “live life with your shoulders back” and boy he was right.


Front squat


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