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Burger Workout 03.05.18

Don’t let the inner bit take over.

I’m starting to get thic, maintaining 199-200 lbs. My goal is to drop some weight, its going to be hard while trying to get strong, but there are ways. Ive been messing up when it comes to my eating habits and this program I’ve gained some mass. Im going full carnivore, Ive had steak for the past 6 days for dinner and chicken for lunches. Going to cut carbs from my diet.
Ive been getting real strong with this program, my Max Deadlift has gone from 400 to 430 lbs (After a full working sets on week 3) I think I can hit 450 if I test my max without doing a shit ton of reps and burning out before hand.
6 week Progress
Bench 280 – 305 lbs
Squat – 380 – 405 lbs
Push Press – 235 – 260 lbs
Deadlift – 400 – 430 lbs

Deload Week. going to take it easy this week. Each days muscle groups are going to stay the same throughout the week.


Press – TM=220 lbs

x 10 – 135 lbs

x 8 – 145 lbs

x 4 – 155 lbs

x 4 – 155 lbs

x 4 – 155 lbs

x 4 – 165 lbs

AMRAP – 135 lbs

Arnold Press / Lateral Raises – 5 x 10-12

Facepulls – 5 x 12

Upright row – 4 x 10

Heavy Shurgs – 4 x 10

Arms – Do watever the fuk I want to do.


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