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Davlantis 3/36/18

Listened to “locked in a cage” by Brick + Mortar, so that whole song is the opening quote to this workout.

Bodyweight: 198.7

Dynamic warmup and LOTS of lower back and T-spine mobility work.

Did a bunch of stuff waiting for a platform to deadlift:

3 x 6ea single arm bent over rows @ 65lb

4 x 5 paused RDL @ 135-185lb

3 x 8 bicep curls

3 x 8 glute bridge @ 135lb

3 x 10-12 incline t-curl things @ 30lb

Deadlift work:

1 x 5 @ 225lb

1 x 5 @ 275lb

3 x 3-5 @ 305lb

Back to accessory work:

4 x 10-12 cable bicep curl

3 x 6ea single leg SLDL @ 50lb (biggest kettle bell I could find today)


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