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Davlantis workout 4/16/18

Week 3, day 1

Bodyweight: 198.7

I believe the way I feel coming out of today amd going into this workout is expressed by the words of the great Ric Flair: “WOO”

3 X 10 back squat @ 215 for two, and was allowed to go up to 225lb for the third set

5 x 3 hang snatch from mid thigh @ 95lb

3 x 3 Halting snatch deadlift @ 115lb

5 x 3 overhead squat @ 95lb

This is probably one of the best-feeling days I’ve had since starting this program. Could have easily hit another 10-20lb higher in the back squat, caught snatches better and lower than I have in a while, and just generally felt good.

Stay strong my dudes

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