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Burger 7.30.18 – 7.31.18

Im back guys. I’m sorry I’ve been out for a while with blogging my workouts. Found a new hobby/sport and have been enjoying it and forgot about my all around fitness and just been having fun.

Just a Little update on everything – about 5 – 6 months ago I got into rock climbing and have been improving quickly in the sport. Im at a level now where I can interact with people who are very skilled in the sport and climb with people where I can improve even faster. 

I started out doing V1-V2’s and have progressed to doing V6-V7s. In those 5-6 months I went from weighing 200 lbs to 191 lbs, Ive actually gotten down to 189 lbs at one point, then shot back up when I got a Girlfriend.

Because of the new lady, I’ve gotten the “fat and happy” mentality and need to work on my overall fitness again, I have not gotten the comfort body, just need to avoid it. In order to get back into Lifting again, I need y’all to hold me accountable.

Ultimately the goal for me is to be in shape, I don’t need to be big or need to be able to squat 500 lbs. I just want to be in shape to climb and to lose a little bit of weight.

Monday – Climbing (Training)
Tuesday – Chest/Back (Gym)
Wednesday – Climbing (Projecting)
Thurday – Morning Legs (Gym), Afternoon Climbing (Training)
Friday – Shoulders (Gym)
Saturday – Rest
Sunday – Gym or Climb

7.30.18 – Climbing

Stretched and Mobility work

Warmed up Bouldering V1-V3’s 
15 minutes with 30 seconds rest in between climbs. 

Today people were working on fresh routes that were just put up. So I was working on the fresh routes that day. All the routes I was working on were V6s. was there for 2.5 hours just climbing. 

What I would normally do on a training days is a 4×4 with abs in between sets.

Climb 4 routes (V2’s) back to back, then do 30-45 seconds of abs. Do this 4 times. 

Then 3×3, 2×2 and then done.

 7.31.18 – Chest/Back

Roll out
10 Minute Rowing

8 x 10 Bench press
8 x 10 Pull ups

5 x 8-10 Dips
5 x 10 DB row
5 x 10 Push ups

Circuit x 6
250m Row
Ball Slams – 10
Push Ups – 10-15
KB Swings – AMRAP



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