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11/2/18 Bishop – Started CrossFit

I am a fitness normie now…

Anyways, I’ll post the works outs because I can copy + paste them into this blog 🙂

I also had a full body scan done here are my results:

Weight – 189

Body Fat – 19.4%

The also weighed my limbs which is pretty neat. My legs are currently 24lbs it would be cool to get them to 30lbs.

Next step is buying a chest monitor so I can track the calories I burn because I am trying to get up to a healthy 215.

They’re having me do one more intro session today (three in total) then I just have to perform a Scandinavian blood moon ritual to Frigg and they’ll let me in.

Peace in Iron Brothers.

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I am here to blog my fitness routines to the letter while doing my best to share my observations and suffering. I will be posting my exercise's weights and times along with my body weight. As a personal rule, I try to finish all my lifting routines as fast as possible as I like to keep my gym time under an hour. Please join in on my journey to escaping the office body and building one made of Iron.

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