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Tiemann Workout 1/12/2019

5 minute row

40 arm raises

5 arm circles


3x (everything in immediate succession)

15 x bench at 95

5 x bench 145

10 x DB curls 30/35/40

10 x DB OH press 30/35/40


3x (again, no rest)

10 x SA DB Bench 45/50/55 (only made 9 on the last one)

10 x SA DB row 45/50/55

10 x DB Chest flys 22.5/25/25

10 x DB chest press 22.5/25/25

(arms were completely dead after this)

Set 3

Calling this one the abdominal death march


10 x weighted crunches middle and both sides 25/55/55

10 x back/oblique extensions 50/55/55

10 x incline situps with 45 plate



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