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Tiemann Workout 1.26.19

Weekend Pain Cave, Day 1:

Standard Warmup

5 minute row

40 arm raises

10 arm circles



15/12/8 x DB Bench 40/50/60

5 x YTWL’s 7.5

10 x Back Flys 20/22.5/25

10 x Chest Flys 20/22.5/25

10 x Closed DB Bench 20/22.5/25



10 x Back/ Oblique raises 50/55/60

12 x Tricep Pull downs

10 x skull crushers 30/40/50

8 x SA DB Rows 55/60/65


Squat Set

10 x 45

2 x 5 front squat then back squat 135

3 x 3 back squat 185

1 x 3 225

I did swimmer shoulders and Bulgarian Split squat between sets


Ab Set

1500 swim

and finished it off with a 7.7 mile bike ride.


I also requested they lowered the pool temperature, to which the gym obliged


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I used to swim a lot, now I run a lot.

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