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Tiemann Workout 4.3.2019

I didn’t want to do a leg day this week because I am supposed to have a race Sunday, but weather looks crappy so I did a fairly light one. I also spent an hour last night doing mountain bike jump practice so my legs weren’t 100%

Standard Warmup

5 min row

40 arm raises

10 arm circles

leg swings



10 x SL glute press 55/70/100 (did 5 on a 4th round at full stack 160)

20 x hip adduction 160

20 x hip abduction 250


3 x

@ 45/96/95

5 x deadlift

5 x bent over row

5 x hang clean

5 x front squat

5 x OH press

5 x good morning


3 x 10 assisted dips 40/35/30

2 x 5 assisted dips 20



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