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Burger 08-6-19

I’m sorry for the long break. I’m pretty disappointed with my self for taking suck a long break from posting, its time to get back and grind. I have been doing a lot of body weight and minimal equipment workouts, really enjoying it.
Ashton has suggested a 1000 Squat challenge. Someday this week I’m going to try it. It will also be timed.

Todays workout: (Goal is to have little rest time between sets).

Warm up:
Roll out
2k Row – Easy Pace

6 x 20 – Goblet squats
6 x 16 – Lunges – 8 each leg

5 x 15 – KB swings
5 x 10 – Squat jumps

4 x 16 – REFSS – 8 each leg
4 x 10 – Hamstring Curls

Roll Out and Recovery

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