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LaBrake 10.16.2019

Incredibly sore as of the writing. Maybe got back in a little too quick. Doing some weird stuff because I can win prizes at gym

AM walk dog, roll out, stretch, stretch bands, 3,5,7,9,11,13,3,5,7,3,5 BB OH press @ 95 then some curls @ 25

PM: roll out, 15 min tread run (1.75 miles, 2.5 incline), 10 min stair master (50 flrs I think), 5 min versa climber

Then, 1 min jump rope 30 second plank

Then, 2 min amrap 20kg gob squats// push ups reps go 4,6,8 etc got to 12 and did the squats only

200 m row ez

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