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I have commenced phase 2 of burly boi season: getting jakkt and stakkt.

I’m started a new round of 531 with a higher training max on 11/25/19. My Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays will be some Dan John programming. Basically just doing a Squat, pull, push, press, hinge and carry then going home. My focus is hitting the figures on 531.

In phase 1 of burly boi season October to late November I gained 9ish pounds (186-195). The goal of phase 1 was to build my barbell strength up and learn proper form.

In phase 2 I’m going to add two eggs to every dinner and two glasses of milk in the evening. Hopefully this will push me to 200# buy the end of January. Phase 2 goals are just weight gain and strength gains.

I hit my running goal of 3miles under 20min so the Strength goals and weight gain goals are in full swing.

Goals for the winter:

Deadlift – 405

Squat – 365

Press – Body weight

Body weight – succulent

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