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Davlantis 3-30-20

Feeling hella sore on this comeback, so this will be interesting.

Warmup and prep

3 x 1 snatch @145lb (90%) – felt way better with some advice to narrow up my starting stance and not let the hips shoot up right away. Shoulders are feeing super tight right now though

1 x 1 clean and jerk @ 225lb – supposed to be 235 for 90% and it took 3 tries to get 225 and it wasn’t pretty

1 x 2 front squat @ 235lb (90%) – felt alright but more of a grind than it should be for 2

2 x 10+6ea back ext. + RFESS

2 x 10+45s ea BB rollouts + side plank

Cooldown and stretch

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