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Diet Update 4.27.20

Trying Greg O’Gallager’s (KINO Body) Greek body Recomp diet. First off, I am aware Greg can be super annoying and receives a lot of hate because he makes mostly insufferable Youtube/Instagram videos. However, he leans into the hate which I can respect and once you get past his surface level branding I believe he has good no BS information to offer. Additionally, he received a vocal recommendation from Dan John as being on of the best for aesthetic programming. If Dan John has a high opinion of Greg who am I to disagree?

So here it is — the goal weight for my ‘Summer bod’ is somewhere in the neighborhood of 190#. I will receive hate for dipping under 200# but I want to shed a lot body fat so I can bulk with out remorse in the fall.

The key principles of my diet will be 190g of protein everyday, a 400 calorie surplus on training days (3) and a 300 calorie deficit on rest days (4). This will net a zero calorie surplus for the week. (Full disclosure I plan to exercise 4 times a week- when possible. So a light GTG day will happen on 1 of the 4 rest days.) The surplus on training days is to negate total loss of muscle, and the deficit on rest days is to increase body fat loss.

My Training days will be 2700 calories, rest days 2000 calories and the Macros are 30% protein, 40% carbs, 30% fat (Carbs and Fats will vary but I will not exceed their combined 70%). I tend to have a higher fat and lower carb diet so I may need to tweak this from a macros perspective. Truthfully, I don’t really want to change what I am eating  more so how much I am eating as I my diet is already wholesome and healthy 6 days out of the week. Friday and Saturday alcohol consumption will take some figuring out, however.

Starting weight and measurements:


Waist: 36in

Chest: 43in

Arms: 15in

I’ll keep a monthly measurement and weight update; I’ll stick with this diet till September 27th.




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I am here to blog my fitness routines to the letter while doing my best to share my observations and suffering. I will be posting my exercise's weights and times along with my body weight. As a personal rule, I try to finish all my lifting routines as fast as possible as I like to keep my gym time under an hour. Please join in on my journey to escaping the office body and building one made of Iron.

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