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LaBrake April Catch up

Did a horrible job with posting this month. Ive been walking from my home office into the garage and rowing and then cooking and going to bed. Ill be better in march.

Last Friday (4.24.2020) i did a 3 x 10min row that ended up being 8008m, then on saturday i did Indie Cindy which was 3 rounds of 1000m row then 5 rounds of cindy, the crossfit standard BW workout.

On monday (4.27) I did an 2 x 5k row

On Tuesday (4.28) i did a variable rate 8k.

Assuming we are still able to go to Florida in June, May will be my beach body month. I think right on the cusp of being lean, just need to get my diet right and not drink excessively on the weekend.


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