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Bobby Maximus Intro to Mass Gain

Bobby Maximus Introductory Mass Gain (IMG)

Quick Journal: With the isolated nature of the lifts in this program it should make me nice and sore to rebuild my lost man fibers. Plus, I’ll have ERG cardio mixed in; thanks Bobby.  My goal with this program is to get back into shape so I can really start the grind. It is a four week program so the real fun will start in February. My diet is a primitive paleo (no carbs, no processed food, relaxed on seed/nut/oil intake, one cheat meal a week)

Day #1

2 x 30 sec work – 30 sec rest OH: Push Press w/ 20lb DBs

Bench Press:

5 @ 185

3 @ 205

3 @ 205

5 x 15 @ 95

40 x pull up (broken…couldn’t get to 50)

50 x French press @ 55lb DB

50 x Push up

100 crunches


Day #2

I was sore in my upper chest and abdominal (FAT P.O.S.)

Back Squat:

10 @ 135

5 @ 185

2 x 3 @ 225

5 x 20 @ 115 3 min. rest between each set

10-1 Lunge Ladder with KB single arm, bottoms up

30 sec wall sits between each set

20 crunches between each set

(Legs are tender… the wife is enjoying my pain)


…signing off – Ya BoI A Breezy

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I am here to blog my fitness routines to the letter while doing my best to share my observations and suffering. I will be posting my exercise's weights and times along with my body weight. As a personal rule, I try to finish all my lifting routines as fast as possible as I like to keep my gym time under an hour. Please join in on my journey to escaping the office body and building one made of Iron.

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