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Burger Workout 01.11.18 – 01.14.18


Today was a rough day… Cut open my finger at work and had to go to a urgent care and get it glued shut. I wont be able to lift for a couple of days until it heals up a bit.

I wasn’t able to get to the gym today.

But the operation must go on…

For 01.12.18 – 01.14.18, I will be doing cardio. Im thinking running since I don’t want to open my cup up rowing on a C2.

I will update on my distance ran.

Next week starting on the 15th, I will be starting the 5/3/1 program.

After the 3rd week I will be increasing my Training max by 10-15 Lbs.

M- Press

T – Deadlift

W – Cardio

Th – Bench Press

Fri – Squat

Sat- Cardio


Week one

5 x 65%

5 x 75%

5 + x 85%

Joker Sets

AMRAP x 65%


Week Two

3 x 70%

3 x 80%

3+ x 90%

Joker Sets

AMRAP x 70%


Week Three

5 x 75%

3 x 85%

1+ x 95%

Joker Sets

AMRAP x 75%

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