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Weisheit Workout 2-10-18

“You shoot me down, but I won’t fall. I am titanium.” – Anna Kendrick

Reached my goal of 3 workouts this week. SeaLab keeping me honest. However, I ate pizza twice. Regret

Preworkout – espresso shot


5 minutes of aerobics. Got in some side shuffles today and my jump rope game is getting better.

10 KB swings

10 KB rows each arm

5 KB presses each arm

10 KB crunches

10 Step ups each leg

10 KB DLs

5 KB squats.


Repeat exercises 2 more times. It was solid. Lots of use with the kettle bell. Maybe too much. I think I’ll try to up reps and not use kb on my next workout.

Weight is 246. I haven’t checked it in about a week and it slid up on me. I’m planning to get in some long cardio tomorrow weather permitting. Hopefully that’ll help.


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