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Wickes 4/2

Fuck China, I pray that our god king emperor trump curses them for unleashing this plague upon our lands. The only good communist is a dead communist.

It’s raining outside so I did a home workout. Quarantine goal is to grow a mustache so filthy I’m put on a predator watch list, and also to do a handstand walk across my yard.

Indoor circuit 4 rounds, no stopping, rest 2 min between each round:

30 sec Handstand hold against the wall

30 sec AMRAP DB OH press with 25#

30 sec AMRAP DB lateral raise w/15#

25x each arm DB curl w/25#

25x double arm DB skull crushers w/both 25# DB’s

25x DB shrug, 5 sec pause at the top on the first 10 w/25#

7 dips

12 hanging leg raises

15 ab wheelies

Rest and repeat

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