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DeSapio 07-08 – 07-09



KB TGU 44lb + KB Swing 53lb + Jump Lunges + Pushups (x2) + Situps (x3)

only made it to 7 because gym decided to close


Came back to finish day before



20 min AMRAP

DB Clean & Press 55lbs x 5 each arm

Toes to Bar x 10

Double Under x 25

8 rounds complete


20 min AMRAP

Clean into Thruster 132lb x 5

Toes to Bar x 10

Double Under x 25

7 rounds complete

3 Rounds

Pullup x 5

DB Bench 60lbs x 10

Burpee Box Jump Over x 15


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LaBrake 07.07.2020

Did some heavy front squat on the 3rd, then a quick burner on the AM of the 4th.

7/6 I did 2 x 15 min rows that totaled in roughly 8000m

7/7 i did 6 x 2000m and it KICKED MY ASS, avg high 1:55 overall and the first four were perfectly paced at 1:55.0

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Bishop 7.7.20

1 mile run

3 rounds:

10x an wheelie

10x band press each arm

10x front pulls

10x back pulls

4x alt weighted pistols (20lb vest)

3x OAP each

10x curls ea

10 tri extension ea

75 jumps but my jump rope broke on round 2

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Bishop 7.3.20

Sub 10 1.5er pretty happy with that. As it wasn’t an all out effort.

2 rounds:

10x ab wheelie

10x front raise

10ea band presses

10ea tri extensions

8 alt pistols

8 alt OAP

10ea curl

10x leg lifts

76x jump ropes

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Davlantis 7-6-20

Back at it day one of a new cycle after two weeks off from straining/spraining my wrist.

Still some pain in extreme positions but prescribed weights are pretty low and movements are manageable.

5 x 2 snatch @ 125lb(failed) then drop to 115lb (barely made them)

3 x 3+1 clean + jerk @ 165lb, then drop to 155lb

4 x 6 back squat @ 225lb

4 x 1+3 snatch grip deadlift + low hang snatch grip DL @ 155lb

Couldn’t really manage any of the rows, raises and pushups on the bum wrist, so I did some of the core stuff and called it a day.

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Bishop 7.1.20

.8 Mile run


3 rounds:

15 front band raises

10 rows with umbrella weight (I want to say it is 100lbs, but idk)

15 leg lifts

20 A skips

60 alt foot jump rope


another .8 mile run


Also my wife and I have painted 10 gallons so the delts are thicc.


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LaBrake 07.01.2020

Happy Canada Day.

yesterday i did some light rowing and then a bunch of stretching.

Today I did a 5k sub max but ended up killing myself on it because i couldnt control my pace at a higher rate. was out in the first half averaging 1:47 but crawled home at a 1:53 ish pace with a maxed out heart rate.