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LaBrake 11.12.2019

Operator Day 2

Let it be known I communicated with the Mr. Mark Twight today. The patron saint of SeaLab Fitness.

2000m row nose breath (7:28)

Squat play 6×30:15

5 ladders 1-3 DL @ 245,265,275,295,305

3 ladders 1-3 BB bench @ 135,155,185 (did 5 reps on the final rung @ 185)

5 min non stop dips and pull ups. Not sure how many I did but it was p hard.

3lbs of Taco salad

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Davlantis 11/11

Week 4 day 1

Looks like a deload week starting up. Some snatches around 85%, cleans around 80%, heavy jerks and lighter back squats

Solid day overall, just didn’t feel as snappy as I think it should. I blame the weather

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Bishop 11-10-19

Joe DeFranco BB Workout because off day

Dynamic w/u


1a  – 5×5 push ups to box

1b – 5×10 pull aparts

2a – 4×6 DB incline bench with a 5sec negative

3a – 4×10 pull ups

3b – 4×15 Incline DB fly

4a – 3x8ea DB row @ 70#

4b – 3×10 shrug @ 70#

4c – 3×10 planking tricep extension

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Davlantis 11-09-18

Been radio silent for a while just doing bro splits and trying to enjoy what I’m doing. Finally ponied up for a program and started the Cal Strength starter program.

Week 3 day 3 looks like it’s a max-out Friday situation and I’m yayed out on enough preworkout to kill a horse and feeling good.

Got up to:

155lb snatch to match my best from a while ago, with some in the tank for cleans

235lb clean and jerk for 10lb less than my previous best.

Really liking having someone take care of writing workouts and prescribing weight percentages for me, but hopping into the last couple of phases before competition readiness is brutal.